The Dilute Color Trait

The Labrador Retriever Club has been working for years to resolve the spread of the “Silver Retriever” into our gene pool. Silvers have been approved by the AKC for almost 40 years. As we know, AKC registration is based on parentage and we could not disprove (at that time) that they were not pure bred Labradors but now we have the Dilute Genetic Test.
LRC Board Member and Delegate to AKC, Tony Emilio (Tonmar Labs), has been working to disallow these mixed breeds. His goal is to have over a thousand Dilute Test results from pure bred Labs and as many Silvers results as can be obtained to present as evidence to push the AKC into action. The goal is to have these results for the September Delegates meeting.
Just as important as the Clear Dilute test results is the Carrier test results and so if anyone has results showing Carrier results please be sure and include them. If there are lines of communication with anyone you know that would share the results with a little nudging, please feel free to put them in contact with me (Barb Gilchrist at
I have secured a Special Discounted Rate for our Labrador community. Pawprint Genetics is giving us a price of $48.00 per dog which is a wonderful thing! Starting right now thru August 31st use the code DLOCUS at check out to get that special rate. The test is on their website and is called D Locus (Dilute) at
All results need to be sent to Tony in a timely fashion at Please take this opportunity to let your voices be heard!