Health Issues

Health Glossary

Some Labrador Retriever terms may be new to you or you may need refreshing on their meaning and purpose, that is why we developed a helpful Glossary to show the meaning of common words and phrases. Read more now!

Recommended Health Clearances

You should become informed on the various medical conditions, appropriate health clearances, and the Official Standard for the breed before deciding to breed your Labrador. Read more now!

Research Programs

The Labrador Retriever Club support the use of OFA Data Bases, Penn Hip, CERF and other individual tests such as the test for CNM1, the Optigen tests for the prcd form of PRA in the Labrador Retriever, and the new test for EIC. Read more now!

Library Links

The LRC wants to make sure you have as much information at your disposal as possible, that is why we provide some additional helpful links for you to browse. Read more now!