National Specialty Contacts

National Specialty Committee

Name Position  
Dr. John C. Lawrence DVMEvent
Ms. Nancy R. Brandow Assistant Event
Ms. Nancy R. Brandow Event Liaison-Labrador Retriever
Ms. Tami E. Wilson Event
Ms. Rene Hartmann Agility
Ms. PK Lichtenberger Agility Assistant
Michelle Frasca Agility
Ms. Gretchen Boss Catalog
Ms. Annmarie Wilson Catalog Assistant
Ms. Nancy R. Brandow Conformation Certificate Test
Ms. Tami E. Wilson Conformation Certificate Test
To Be Announced Conformation Chief Ring Steward
To Be Announced Conformation Sweepstakes Ring Steward
Ms. Nancy R. Brandow Disaster
Ms. Tami E. Wilson Disaster
To Be Announced Hospitality Chair-General
Ms. Nancy R. Brandow Hotel
To Be Announced Hunting Test Chair
To Be Announced Hunting Test Secretary
Mrs. Juxi Burr Judges Education
Ms. Marilyn Little Judges Education
Ms. Tami E. Wilson Judges
Ms. Annmarie Wilson Obedience
To Be Announced Obedience Chief Ring Steward
Ms. Nancy R. Brandow Premium
To Be Announced Raffle
Ms. Gayle Abrams Rally
To Be Announced Rally Chief Ring Steward
Ms. Tami E. Wilson Rosette
Dr. Frances O. Smith DVM PhD ACTSeminars & Health
To Be Announced Special Attraction Chair (Top 25)
Mr. Anthony Emilio Sponsor
Mr. Fred T. Kampo Jr Sponsor
Mrs. Nina Mann The Dog For All Reasons Program
Ms. Tami E. Wilson Trophy
Mrs. Julie Kirk Working Certificate Program
To Be Announced Working Certificate Test Chair
To Be Announced Working Certificate Test Secretary