Working Certificates

Obtaining Working Certificates

Any AKC registered Labrador Retriever which successfully completes an LRC, Inc. WC Test is eligible to receive a Certificate.

LRC, Inc. Working Certificates may be obtained by writing (by post or by e-mail) to:

Julie Kirk
40803 E. Red Mountain Rd
Benton City WA 99320

509-521-5243  evenings

To receive an engraved LRC working certificate you must submit the following:

  1. 1. A copy of your dog’s AKC registration papers
  2. 2. Copies of AKC certificates for any additional AKC titles you wish to include on the Working Certificate
  3. 3. A signed statement from a qualified judge indicating that the dog has passed the LRC, Inc. Working Certificate requirements.
  4. 4. A check for $ 25.00 payable to LRC, Inc.

Working Certificate Results. Judges: Ms. Nancy Brandow & Dr. Frances Smith DVM, PhD
October 5, 2018

# Dog Name Owner Handler Results