AKC Events

Agility Trials

Labrador Retriever agility trials test a dog’s speed and accuracy while being directed through an obstacle course. Read more now!

Conformation Shows

A Labrador Retriever’s conformation is his overall structure and appearance, this reflects the dog’s appearance and health being inline with the breed standard. Read more now!

Field Trials

Labrador Retriever field trials are competitive events where hunting labs perform tasks and a winner is awarded. Read more now!

Obedience & Rally Trials

Labrador Retriever obedience and rally trials bring owners and dogs together to preform different tasks that demonstrate the dog’s obedience. Read more now!

Retriever Hunting Tests

Labrador Retriever hunt tests are non-competitive formats in which each dog is judged individually and awarded a score based on their performance. Read more now!


Labrador Retriever tracking trials are events in which the dog’s utilize their sense of smell to recognize and follow a scent trail. Read more now!