LRC News Room
Test for the Dilute Gene in the Coat Color of the Labrador Retriever
By LRC Inc President - Thursday February 12, 2015.

In 1986 the Club attempted to have AKC deny registration of Labradors identified with the “silver” coat color. That did not happen after an AKC representative investigating the breeding facilities of the dogs exhibiting the dilute coat color made the decision to categorize the color as chocolate under the “other” option on the registration application. Subsequent generations of dogs carrying the dilute gene remain in breeding programs, many bred to recognized titled dogs. 

Scientific evidence has shown us that there is no evidence of a dilute gene in the coat color background of the Labrador Retriever.  Despite the Parent Club’s multiple attempts to request that the American Kennel Club deny full registration to dogs exhibiting a dilute coat color, these dogs still remain in the breeding pool and kennels focusing on dilute coat colors proliferate.

At this time, our best option to protect the gene pool for the Labrador Retriever is to encourage the use of the DNA test to identify carriers of the dilute gene. I want to urge each of you, especially those with active stud dogs, to have breeding stock tested for the dilute gene and include the information in your advertising. I am also suggesting that we add the test to the requirements for an LRC, Inc. Breeders’ Directory listing.

Fred Kampo, Jr.

President, The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc.