Working Certificate


  Please download the Labrador Retriever Club Working Certificate pamphlet for details on working and judging requirements.
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As of October 2013, dogs must be at least six months of age on the day of the test. (WCs earned as of Feb 2014 will still be honored.)

The minimum Working Certificate requirements shall be designed to establish that the dog is not gun-shy: accordingly, the dog will be expected to retrieve a shot game bird at a distance of 50 yards or greater on land; further, the dog will be expected to retrieve two ducks from swimming water 1 in immediate succession to establish the dog's willingness to reenter water. Shackled birds shall not be used for a working certificate test. Only shot birds shall be used on land, and only shot birds or freshly killed birds shall be utilized on the water. Steadiness is not required so a dog may be held on line, however the dog may not be released for the retrieve until the bird has fallen. Any reasonable command and gesture may be used to direct the dog to retrieve and return. Nothing may be thrown and no coercion may be used to encourage completion of a retrieve once the dog has been initially released to retrieve.


Any dog that has satisfactorily completed both a land and water series in a field trial licensed by The American Kennel Club, or has received a placement or judge's award of merit in a field trial sanctioned by The American Kennel Club, has successfully completed an AKC Junior Hunter Title, or has achieved at least one (1) leg on a Senior or Master Hunter Title shall be deemed to have satisfied the working certificate requirements. In addition, a working certificate requirement may be satisfied by establishing to the satisfaction of any current member of the Club's Board of Directors that the dog in question has performed in accordance with the minimum requirements set forth above.

No member of the Club shall use the title "CH" in front of the name of a registered Labrador Retriever dog until said dog, having won a conformation championship, shall also receive a working certificate or the equivalent as defined in this Article.

Obtaining LRC Working Certificates