Tracking News
The Champion Tracker title (CT) was created by AKC at the same time as they established the Variable Surface Tracker title (VST), on September 1, 1995.  Any dog that can accomplish all three tracking titles, TD (or TDU), TDX, and VST, will be awarded the CT title.  The very first Champion Tracker was a German Shepherd Dog (in 1995).   The first Labrador Retriever to earn the title was CT Luckiamutes Jake, owned by Karla Curtis, on June 25, 2000.  Since then, the following Labrador Retrievers have accomplished this difficult feat:            

February 5, 2017                CT Rush Lake's Put It On The Ritz CD


September 25, 2016          CT Orion's Ready For Takeoff
September 18, 2016          CT Hilde's Fleur De May VCD4 UDX2 GO RA

June 11, 2016                    CT Baad Boy Bentley Of The Isle BN RN
May 1, 2016                      CT MACH3 Hirsch's Gone With The Wind VCD2 RA MXC MJC XF
March 13, 2016                 CT Dutch Hollow's True Blue, CC, SH, AWC



October 18, 2015              CT Rush Lake's Chutes And Ladders CDX RE

October 11, 2015              CT Rush Lake's Diggin That Dillon CGC

October 11, 2015              CT MACH Platte Valley's I Think I Can VCD4 OM1 GN VER RE JH MXB MJS AXP AJP MXF T2B3

October 4, 2015                CT Kerrybrook's X-tremeRide CD BN

September 13, 2015        VCCH MACH4 Lakebound's Dancing Poet UDX15 OGM RE MH MXB2 MJS2 MXP5 MXPS MJP6 MJPS PAX2

June 21, 2015                     CT Winroc Winsome Winifred CD BN RE

May 31, 2015                      CT Willowrose Shillelagh JH CDX


November 9, 2014           CT Minsk Bquad of Deanfield TDI CGC

October 12, 2014              CT Rush Lake's Licorice Snaps RA JH AX AXJ NF

October 5, 2014                CT Cabin Creek’s Perfect Trip

June 7, 2014                       CT Capt' Never Archibald Andrews 


October 13, 2013              CT Madam Makita Machacha RN

October 13, 2013              CT Lickety Split River Otter CGC

April 28, 2013                     FC AFC CT Broad Reach Devil Made Me Doit CD

April 7, 2013                        CT Rush Lake's Yahtzee VCD2 UD RE JH NA NAJ AXP OF

March 13, 2013                  CT Mellowrose Glad All Over CD GN RE JH CGC 

March 7, 2013                    CT Workmoor's Hopeful Lucy BN RE JH AX AXJ OF 


September 16, 2012        CT OTCH Sasser's All that Jazz UDX5 OM6 RN 

July 29, 2012                       CT Tulgeywood's Man In Black


November 6, 2011           CT Charlie Dunn RE

October 30, 2011              CT Cabincreek Hilde's Busy Izzy VCD2 UDX OM1 RE

May 22, 2011                      CT Lorken’s Chocolate Brisco MX MXJ RE

April 10, 2011                     CT BLK Oak Rush Lake Licorice Twizzler, VCD2, MX, MXJ, OF, RE, OAP, OAJP


October 10, 2010              CT Rush Lake's TicTac Toe! 

August 1, 2010                   CT Windrush Elegant Bear VCD1 RE NA NAJ OAP OJP 


November 8, 2009           CT Lorken's Twist of Fate VCD2 RN JH MX MXB MXJ MJS OF

October 11, 2009              CT Sorol's National Treasure VCD1 RN MH OAP CGC

May 10, 2009                      CT Black Forest Trouble'n Tahoe VCD3 JH MX MXB MXJ MJB MXF MFB XF 


October 5, 2008                CT Camelot Dragon Play at Cabin Creek 


May 20, 2007                      CT Rush Lake Rice Crispy Treat JH, AX,AJX,RN, VCD1 

April 22, 2007                     CT Justes B Wasser Hexe VCD2 SH AXP AJP


October 29, 2006              OTCH CT Connemara Jasmine VCD1 UDX3 RE

April 2, 2006                        CT Winroc Just Dashing VCD3 RN JH MX MXJ


March 30, 2003                  CT Sommit's Peak O'Tea UD JH


April 21, 2001                     CT CH Justes B Bocca Grande CD, JH 


October 15, 2000              CT Diver's Precious Coral 

June 25, 2000                     CT Luckiamutes Jake 

September 18, 2016        Kent Hildebrand               CT Hilde's Fleur De May VCD4 UDX2 GO RA