CCs Awarded

2017 National Amateur Retriever Championship, June 16, 2017. Eau Claire, WI

Judges: Dr Fran Smith, DVM, PhD and Ms Madelyn Yelton

Catalog # Dog's Name Owner(s)
11 AFC Triple J's Hot Habanera Marty & Jackie Fluke
24 FC AFC Bedazzled II Yvonne & Charlie Hays & Lisa Farmer
26 AFC Whitewater Shaq N Bams Bouncin Pita Cindie Little
57 FC AFC Moxie Gunner Russ Hardy
70 FC AFC CFC CAFC Pekisko's Ironman John & Sharon van der Lee
92 Red River Warrior John & Martha Russell
101 High Society's Hatari Rumble Slyvia McClure & Laurie Junewick
115 AFC Vinwood's Butterfly's Are Free Yvonne & Charlie Hays
130 FC AFC Parriette's Abby Gale David Zalunardo

2016 National Specialty Show, October, 2016, Chino (Prado Park), CA

Judges:  Ms. Juxi Burr and Ms. Marilyn Little

Sheilasann Kiltie At Labaloose  SR78442405  5/26/13  Dog.  Breeder: Sheila Thornburgh.  BISS GCH Laurenglen Ardent Rogue at Hyspire - Sheilasann Sweet Molly Malone.  Owner: Sheila Thornburgh and Mary Menadier
Mainland Embers on Fire At Bentwood  SR78721702  6/22/13 Bitch.  Breeder:  Shelah Frey.  BISS GCH Laurenglen Ardent Rogue at Hyspire - Mainland Pembroke Phinny.  Owner:  Debra Thompson
Rocking Thistle Sir Barton of Bentwood  SR84466905  Dog.  Breeder:  Marney McCleary.  BISS GCH Laurenglen Ardent Rogue at Hyspire - Ch Rocking Thistle Zafari De Vu.  Owner:  Debra Thompson
Windrose Olive You Need is Love  SR84487802  8/26/14 Bitch.  Breeder: Patricia Collom.  BISS GCH Am/Can CH GingerbredCelestrial Thunder JH CGR RN - Windrose Wallcroft Winner Takes All.  Owner: Linda Brooks
OTCH Red River’s There’s Always Hope VCD2 UDX5 OM6 VER OAP OJP TD RAE JH THDA  SR16518008  4/11/04 Bitch.  Breeder: F.N. Van Bergen.  FC Cosmo’s Concerto Charlie – Taters Maters N Yellow Puddn QA2. Owner: Ann Begun
Winterwynd Back To The Future At Fawnhaven  SR85767702 12/12/14 Dog.  Breeder: Vicki Lord.  GCH CH Cedarwoods Signature Browning Copied JH – Winterwynd’s Blue On Blue. Owner: Barbara & Don Ironside
Allendale’s No Matter What CD BN RN  SR47627801 1/18/08 Dog.  Breeder: Linda Jackson.  Allendale’s Davy Jones – Allendale’s Simply The Best. Owner: Valerie Wolf
CH Dalwater’s Valentine SR87137102 2/24/15 Dog.  Breeder: Lisa Allen. CH Hyspire Maritime Everything You Always Wanted – Dalwater Moonshine Peggy. Owner: Sandy Forkert and Lisa Allen

Judges:  Ms. Nina Mann and Ms. Tami Wilson


Pondview Hawksmoor Rio’s Midnight Mischief  SR82491201  4/7/14 Dog. Breeder: Cheryl Mousseau and Kate D Perry.  Int. CH  Carpenny Scenario - Hauksmoor Pondview Glory.  Owner:  Renee St. Denis
Lakota’s Mountain Spirit  SR88288404  6/20/15 Dog. Breeder: Lisa Griggs. Arnold’s Burley Tabster – Lakota Mystic Jack Griggs. Owner: Steve Stevens
Greenwoods Sealion Tsunami  SR61866902  3/9/10  Dog. Breeder: Steve & Kathy Stevens. KT’s Perfect Double at Sealion – Mac’s Prize Possesion. Owner: Kelly Greenwood
Applewood’s Seek’n The High  SR75276608  10/05/12  Bitch. Breeder: Larry Graham. NAFC FC AFC Cody Cut a Lean Grade – Miss Madison Starseeker MH. Owner: Steve Stevens
Lakota’s Mystic Spirit of the Isle  SR88288403  6/20/15 Bitch. Breeder: Lisa Griggs. Arnold’s Burley Tabster – Lakota Mystic Jack Griggs. Owner: Lisa Griggs
Storm’s Lakota-Roux Griggs  SR75497301  11/27/12 Bitch. Breeder: Lisa Griggs. Wing Magic’s Louisiana Roux – Lakota Mystic Jack Griggs. Owner: Lisa Griggs
Touched By The Sun’s Summer Breeze  SR84877107  9/30/14 Bitch.  Breeder: Phil & Karen Hines.  Rik’s Risky Raider – Special K’s Good Golly Miss Molly SH.  Owner: Joseph E. Grohs & Julie A. Grohs


2016 National Amateur Retriever Championship, June 17, 2016, Stowe, VT

Catalog #
1. FC-CFC Handjems Artful Dodger (Dodger), LM Jim Dorobek
4. B&D's Chocolate Mariah (Windy), LF Don & Bettye Brawley
11. FC-AFC Aksarben's Black Skyy (Skyy), LM Alice Woodyard
48. FC-AFC Bayou Teche Eye On The Ball (Slider), LM Lauren Hays
58. FC-AFC Choco Lickity-Split (Choco), LM Don & Bettye Brawley
70. FC-AFC Greenwing Tall Timber (Krumz), LM Craig Stonesifer 
89. FC-AFC Ruff Rivers Oasis On The Plains (Colby), LF Northrup Larson 
90. FC-AFC Freeridin Miss Kitty (Kitty), LF Theodore Shih 
99. AFC Trinity's Moose On The Loose (Lucy), LF Lauren Little & Cindie Little & Garrett Thatcher
102. FC-AFC Atlastastar (Rinny), LF Martha & Paul Blank 
n/a. Bayou Teche Swing for the Fence (Foxx), LM Lauren Hays

2015 National Amateur Retriever Championship, June 13, 2015, Polson, MT

  1. FC-AFC In The Hunt Farm's Executive Sweet, CC (Sweet), LF Thomas & Linda Bogusky
  2. FC-AFC Keeno's Gizmo, CC (Gizmo), LM Bruce & Betty Hall
  3. FC-AFC-CAFC Jaybar American Idol, CC (Reuben), LM Barbara & Jerry Younglove 
  4. FC-AFC Roux's Blackthorn Banshee, CC (Alli), LF Ellen McNeill
  5. FC-AFC Rebel Ridge Cosmic Rise 'N Fall MH, CC (Tide), LM Jeff Lyons & Madelyn Yelton
  6. FC-AFC Drake's Bay Parting Of The Sea, CC (Moses), LM Bill & Judy Landau
  7. AFC Ms Micro Doodle Dandy, CC (Micro), LF Thomas & Linda Bogusky
  8. AFC Bowmans Dreamin Of Retrievin, CC (Reba), LF Tom Fait
  9. FC-AFC Contempt Of Court, CC (Ruckus), LM Susan Bledsoe
  10. "Dizzy", CC.  Cynthia Howard

2014 LRC, Inc National Specialty, October 2014, Gettysburg, PA
1. Casbar’s Country At Hart CGC Dog. Breeder: Diane Ammerman. Owner: Alisa Zimmerman-Daum, 
2. Cedarwood’s Devil Went Down to Georgia Bitch. Breeder: Nancy R. Brandow. Owner: Nancy R. Brandow
3. Canvasback Kona Meridian Delight RN MX MXJ OF Bitch. Breeder: Jane Bailey & Elizabeth Lloyd. Owner: Roberta Primeau
4. Deep Run Here We Go Again JH CGC Dog. Breeder: Phyllis Giroux. Owner: Deborah Alls
5. Big Thunders Texas Terror RN JH Dog. Breeder: Jennifer C. White. Owner: Jennifer C. White
6. RockyCreek’s Breaking the Mold CDX BN PCD GN RN OA OAJ NF Dog. Breeder: Kathryn Mines & Janice Mines. Owner: Cheryl Matthews.
7. Rocky Creek’s Making the Grade VCD3 UDX OM1 VER RAE JH NFP Breeder: Kathryn Mines. Owner: Cheryl Matthews.
8. Chilbrook High Hope Breeder: Luanne Gettman. Owner: Debby Kay.
9. Chilbrook Scarborough Fair Breeder: Debby Kay. Owner: Debby Kay.
10. Chilbrook Texas Rose Bitch. Breeder: Brent Brooks. Owner: Debby Kay.
11. Brookhaven’s Winter Sea Star Zayle Breeder: Sharlene Pittman & Bonnie Anthony & Tim Pittman. Owner: Kimberly Ward. 
12. MACH Grand River Run Genaration UD RAE MXS MJS OF CL-1 Dog. Breeder: Connie Bowen & Gayle Sotka. Owner: Ann Smorado & David Smorado.
13. Rhumbline’s Guiness’ Dream Chaser @ Willowdale Dog. Breeder: Susan Carpenter & Susan Johnson & Daniel Johnson. Owner: Jane Frantz.
14. Pinebank’s Encore Performer TD Dog. Breeder: Susan L. Bell. Owner: Laura McKay.
15. Sophie Aubrey Richter Bitch. Breeder: Catherine Greene. Owner: Gayle Richter & Ruth Deininger.
16. Cabin Creek Run Like Smoke N’ Oakum MX MXJ Dog. Breeder: Catherine Greene & Camilla Adams. Owner: Gayle Richter & Ruth Deininger.
18. Willow Dale’s Winds of a New Dawn of Hi-IQs Dog. Breeder: Jane Frantz. Owner: Joanne J. Baum.
19. About Time Ben UD SH MXJ AX OF RE CGC Dog. Breeder: Gannon E. Abbott. Owner: Jennifer Marenich.
20. Ironpaws Westshore Meant To Be CGC Dog. Breeder: Timothy & Ann White. Owner: Jennifer & William Marenich.
21. Rhumbline’s Gyro Compass MH QA2 Bitch. Breeder: Susan Carpenter. Owner: Susan Carpenter.
22. Rhumbline’s Tramp Steamer JH CGC Bitch. Breeder: Susan Carpenter. Owner: Susan Carpenter.
23. Rhumbline’s Grand Banks Schooner RN SH CGC Bitch. Breeder: Susan Carpenter. Owner: Susan Carpenter.
24. Rhumbline’s Dangerous Cargo SH CGC Bitch. Breeder: Susan Carpenter. Owner: Susan Carpenter.
25. Rhumbline’s Boxing The Compass Bitch. Breeder: Susan Carpenter. Owner: Susan Carpenter.
26. Zoey’s Zoomer RN Bitch. Breeder: Ashley Ludema. Owner: Kevin & Heather Christopherson
27. Augustus Treasure Serenity Dog. Breeder: Mary Kobis. Owner: Mary Ann Flanagan.
22. Danikk Rogan CD BN RN CGC Dog. Breeder: Dr Fran Smith DVM. Owner: Shirley Knutson.
23. Lily Maxine Of Monitor Bitch. Breeder: Miguel & Dawn Vargas. Owner: Judy Johnson.
24. Rhumbline Rebel Raider Alabama Dog. Breeder: Susan Carpenter. Owner: Daniel Johnson.
25. Dock Side’s Fishin’ Off The Block Island Jetty Bitch. Breeder: Janet Huntley & Julie Quigley-Smith. Owner: Janet Huntley
26. Andromeda of Split Rock CD BN RA NAP CGC Bitch. Breeder: Laura K. Bauver & Wesley P Bauver II. Owner: Laura K. Bauver & Wesley P Bauver II.
27.Lickety Split Beyond the Limit Dog. Breeder: Kim Secter. Owner: Teresa Koziatek.
28.Rhumbline’s Rambling Dakota Bitch. Breeder: Susan Carpenter. Owner: Mary Horne.
29.WindyCanyon’s Don’t Stop Believin Bitch. Breeder: Anne Swindeman. Owner: Nicole Wellington.
30.Rhumbline’s Golden Hawk Bitch. Breeder: Susan Carpenter. Owner: Marianne Mineo.
31.Rhumbline’s Scuttlebutt CDX MX MXJ Bitch. Breeder: Susan Carpenter. Owner: Elisa Calabrese.

The Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston, July 20, 2014

2014 National Amateur Retriever Championship, June 14, 2014, Roseburg, OR

  1. FC AFC Bluenorth’s Rock Hard Ten, MH, QAA, WCX, SR 517035/02, Barb Radtke
  2. FC AFC Gunstock’s Topshelf Snap Decisions, SR 494133/08, Yvonne and Charlie Hays
  3. FC Ebb Tide’s Ode to Iris Soul, SR 486787/03, Laura and Kirk Lillebo
  4. AFC Rockliffs Justdoit, SR 495540/14, Sally and Paul Foster
  5. CAFC Jazztime Bluegoose’s Rugar, SR 583970/01, Larry and Anna Clavert
  6. Nebo’s Onyx Princess; Al Wilson
  7. AFC Fargo’s Texas Lexus, SR 313035/04, Wayne Stupka
  8. Wind River SST, MH, QA2, SR 532471/08, Sharon Collins
  9. Black Cherry Soda, SR 715662/05, Karen Young
  10. FC Dottie Ray’s Blue 4 You, SR63162/03, Andrew Kahn
  11. FC AFC Lubys and Whitewaters Pirate’s Jewel, SR559263/05, Jeff Schuett and Lydia Fekula
  12. AFC CAFC Jazztime Bluegoose’s Skatch; SR521485/02, Larry Clavert

2013 National Amamteur Retriever Championship, June 15, 2013, Eau Claire, WI

  1. FC Castlebay Abe’s Cranberry Rum, SR 443918/03, Lynora Budd
  2. AFC Mitimat Rock Paper Scissors, SR 546617/06, Lydia Fekula
  3. AFC Dominators Dealer He’s Worth It, SR 252412/02, Vern and Kathy Hasenbank
  4. FC AFC Hardscrabble Roxie McBunn, SR 353880/05, William Benson
  5. FC AFC B Bumble, SR 586169/02, Fred Kampo
  6. FC AFC Star Spangled Girl II, MH, SR 307179/02, Alice Woodyard
  7. NAFC FC Cody Cut A Lean Grade, SR 160826/01, Chad Baker
  8. NAFC FC Paddle Creek’s Pack Your Grip, SR 458831/03, Chad Baker
  9. Candlewood’s Bucky’s Lucky, SR 157772/03, Lydia Fekula
  10. FC AFC Lanes Get Ready to Rumble, SR387508/08, Bobby Lane