CC Evaluations

TWO Conformation Certificate Evaluations

2015 LRC, Inc.  National Specialty Event Week

Villa Ridge, MO & Purina Event Center, Gray Summit, MO

Sunday, October 4, 2015 & Wednesday, October 7, 2015 

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• A Conformation Certificate will be awarded to any Labrador Retriever over (1) one year of age that passes a conformation examination sanctioned by the LRC, Inc. and officiated at by an approved American Kennel Club conformation judge or provisional judge for the breed. Labrador Retriever specialty Sweepstakes judges, and Sporting Group judges for American Kennel Club events are also eligible to officiate.

• To receive a Conformation Certificate, a dog is required to attain a score of 18 or better. To pass in each category a dog must demonstrate, in the mind of the judge, a 65% likelihood of conforming to the characteristic as described by the Standard.

• Dogs must be 1 year of age or older on the day of evaluation. Spayed and neutered dogs can be evaluated.

The Conformation Certificate document and Evaluation Sheet may be seen in its entirety

under the dropdown menu, Programs, on this site.



 To reserve a CC Evaluation spot, please use the form below to:

Tami Wilson
874 Airline road, Amherst, ME 04604-8430

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