LRC Yearbooks

 Labrador Retriever Club Yearbook

The Labrador Retriever Club Yearbook is published once a year and is a year-by-year history of the breed.

The yearbooks feature, among other items, the following:

  • Updated Club Roster & Current Club Projects
  • Reports on Club Trials & Hunting Retriever Tests
  • Reports on the National Retriever Championship
  • National Specialty Show & Obedience Trial Results
  • Current Canine Medical Information
  • Cameos of Outstanding Labradors & Profiles of Individuals recognized for their outstanding contribution to the breed
  • Kennel Listings
  • Display Ads featuring kennels, individual retrievers and kennels services
LRC Yearbook Editor:
Beth Baily

(Advertising deadline is April 15. Contact the Editor for further information.)