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BY LRC Health Committee - Friday July 25, 2014
NEWS FLASH - OFA has agreed to maintain a database of the color dilution status of Labrador retrievers!

Very exciting news - the OFA has agreed to maintain a database of Labradors who have been permanently identified (microchip or tattoo ) and have been tested for the d gene. Dogs having the genotype dd will be listed as affected, Dd as carriers of the dilute gene and DD as clear of the dilute gene. This is great news for us.  Tests are available from

 OFA will accept testing from both Vetgen and from Vet DNA Center (aka DDC)




















no img DNA Coat Color Test 
BY LRC Directors - Wednesday October 01, 2014
The DNA coat color test for dilution will be available on Wednesday, October 8 only—time and place to be determined—during National Specialty ...


The DNA coat color test for dilution will be available on Wednesday, October 8 only—time and place to be determined—during National Specialty Event Week. OFA will offer a reduced test registration fee.


The dilute test is a cheek swab. DDC is offering it as one of their reduced tests for us. The microchip for each dog tested will need to be verified by one of the veterinarians on site. The Club will have kits or people can request their own ahead of time. OFA is giving us stickers for the reduced fee registration.


An Optigen clinic has also been added—check swabs only. All Optigen tests must be ordered online. The clinic code is LRCSx4. For results to be listed on the OFA website – dogs must be permanently ID’d. Be sure to pre-register online!


no img Agility Invitational 
BY LRC News - Saturday December 13, 2014
AKC Agility Invitational Best Labrador Retriever

Tess (MACH12 Sierran Vitesse CGC CC ) won the Labrador Club Agility Medallion for being the top Labrador at the 2014 AKC Agility Invitationals. Congratulations Angela Sutton!
Tessa with her medals
no img Hunt Test Seminar 
BY Marcia Lucas - Friday January 23, 2015
Hunt Test Seminars in Maryland and Delaware

The LRC is hosting judging seminars

in Maryland on  February 21

and also in Delaware (2/21/15)
no img Modification of RHT Entry Process 
BY AKC Performance Dept for RHT - Tuesday March 17, 2015
To: All Clubs Licensed to Hold Retriever Hunting Tests This communication is to inform your club that there have been four changes to the ...


This communication is to inform your club that there have been four changes to the Retriever
Hunting Test Regulations. Specifically, clubs that limit the number of entries they will accept in their
Master level test: (1) must advertise a date and time when entries will start to be accepted, (2) must
establish a “first in – first out” waiting list, and (3) may choose to set aside 15% of the Master level test
entries for event workers. A fourth recommendation is to allow the use of shotgun simulators in Retriever
Hunting Tests.

With the relevant additions/changes underlined, the new Regulations are as follows:

Chapter 1, Section 3. Making Application. Starting after paragraph 3.

New Paragraph

Clubs that limit the number of entries in the Master Hunter Test must advertise an opening date for

its Hunting Test. In order for there to be transparency for all participants, the opening date shall be
the Wednesday closest to three weeks prior to the first day of the event. The opening time shall be
8:00 pm Central Time.

New Paragraph

Clubs that limit the number of entries in the Master Hunting Test must establish a waiting list in
order that entries that scratch prior to the closing date and time can be replaced. The waiting list
shall utilize a “first in – first out” approach.

Chapter 1, Section 4. No Special Inducements.

A hunt-test giving club shall not accept an entry fee other than that published in its premium list or

entry form, or in any way discriminate between entrants. Except a club with a limited entry in
Master test may set aside up to 15% of the Master entries for event workers. Remainder of the
paragraph remains unchanged.

Chapter 3, Section 8. Gunning. Fourth Paragraph.

Either shotguns or shotgun simulators may be used. If a shotgun is used, it must be a 20, 16, or 12
gauge shotgun. Gunners firing live ammunition must be 21 years of age or older. Gunners firing
popper loads or shotgun simulators must be a minimum of 16 years of age and if less than 21, must
have successfully completed a Hunter/Gun Safety course.

The three changes regarding the entry process become effective when a club’s contracted entry
service is prepared to implement them or no later than July 1, 2015. The use of shotgun simulators
becomes effective April 1, 2015.

The Performance Events Department appreciates the dialog and input it has received from the
Retriever Hunting Test Advisory Committee in addressing the issues that led to the development of
these changes.

This e-mail is being sent to the President and Secretary of all clubs licensed to hold Retriever
Hunting Tests. You are encouraged to forward this information to any one that might be
interested. General comments can be e-mailed to the AKC at <click here>.

no img New Versatile Producer! 
BY VPM Program Coordinator - Friday April 03, 2015
We have a new top producer of versatile offspring!

Congratulations to Marcia Talon and "Arwen".
For more information
no img New Conformation Certificates at the NARC 
BY LRC, Inc - Saturday June 13, 2015
Ten of the dogs at the National Amateur Field Championship stepped up to have their conformation evaluated by two (AKC) conformation judges.

Congratulations to all ten!

2015 National Amateur Retriever Championship, June 13, 2015, Polson, MT

  1. FC-AFC In The Hunt Farm's Executive Sweet, CC (Sweet), LF Thomas & Linda Bogusky
  2. FC-AFC Keeno's Gizmo, CC (Gizmo), LM Bruce & Betty Hall
  3. FC-AFC-CAFC Jaybar American Idol, CC (Reuben), LM Barbara & Jerry Younglove 
  4. FC-AFC Roux's Blackthorn Banshee, CC (Alli), LF Ellen McNeill
  5. FC-AFC Rebel Ridge Cosmic Rise 'N Fall MH, CC (Tide), LM Jeff Lyons & Madelyn Yelton
  6. FC-AFC Drake's Bay Parting Of The Sea, CC (Moses), LM Bill & Judy Landau
  7. AFC Ms Micro Doodle Dandy, CC (Micro), LF Thomas & Linda Bogusky
  8. AFC Bowmans Dreamin Of Retrievin, CC (Reba), LF Tom Fait
  9. FC-AFC Contempt Of Court, CC (Ruckus), LM Susan Bledsoe
  10. "Dizzy", CC.  Cynthia Howard (with apologies to Mrs Howard for not recording her dog's registered name)
no img Upcoming WC - Eastern Time Zone 
BY Ron Frey, GPLRC - Thursday July 09, 2015
Working certificate opportunity in western Pennsylvania.

Greater Pittsburgh Labrador Retriever Club 
Annual Working Certificate Test 
August 23, 2015  
Washington Road,  Clinton, PA  15026.  




Contact Ron Frey (email) for more info.

BY Dr John Lawrence, DVM - Friday August 28, 2015
Recently, there have been a number of AKC events where health certificates were required for all dogs attending the event.

Some helpful advice for anyone traveling with their dog(s):

In the U.S., each state has its own rules regulating the transportation of animals. Therefore, you and your veterinarian should check those regulations before generating a health certificate. Many exhibitors, handlers, field-trialers, etc do not routinely carry health certificates for their dogs. If you were to be stopped at a highway check point, or if a state veterinarian was to happen onto a show or test site, they could ask to see the health certificate of your animals. If you did not have proof of the certificate, you could be asked to leave or worse case your animals could be quarantined.

These rules are not new but have been ignored for years, both by owners, and by state regulators, and they may well continue to be. If one were to reflect back upon disease outbreaks at particular dog shows, possibly requiring and enforcing the health certificate regulations might have prevented those particular outbreaks.

A common misconception about health certificates: They are valid for thirty (30) days from the day they are written. The airlines' tend to require the health certificate be written within 10 days of departure. As we all know, the airlines can do what they want, even to the point of not accepting to ship any animal.

BE PREPARED, have fun, and travel safely.

no img AKC Canine Health Foundation President's Award 
BY Announcement - Friday September 04, 2015
The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. (LRC) has been named as the recipient of the 2015 AKC Canine Health Foundation President’s Award.

The President's Award is given each year to a person or organization who "has made an exceptional contribution to advancing canine health."  The Chairman of the AKC Canine Health Foundation Board of Directors selects the person or club who receives this honor.  
In the 20-year history of the AKC Canine Health Foundation, the Labrador Retriever Club has been a enthusiastic and active supporter of a wide range of science-based, canine research programs.  It is for this dedication to our dogs we select the LRC for this honor. 
This President’s Award will be formally presented to the representatives of the LRC you designate at the 2015 Canines & Cocktails Gala on Thursday, December 10, at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Orlando.  Further information regarding the details will be forthcoming.

Susan Lilly, CFRE
AKC Canine Health foundation
BY Trial Secretary - Wednesday September 16, 2015
Because of the 'crash' at Entry Express, the LRC FT Committee is taking steps to create a running order for this weekend's (Sat 9/19-Mon 9/21)...

Because of the 'crash' at Entry Express, the LRC FT Committee is taking steps to create a running order for this weekend's (Sat 9/19-Mon 9/21) FT in Elkton, MD.

We need everyone entered to please send handler, call name, & stake(s) entered to Lyn Yelton FTS. Please send to ASAP If we do not receive anything from EE by Friday noon we will post a running order & use the DJ Friday close as the starting number for all stakes.
Please be prepared to provide AKC registration information to the FTS as you come to the line, if needed. If anyone printed off a copy of the EE entries prior to the system failure please contact Lyn Yelton ASAP. We would use that running order rather than create our own. Thank you all. We will do our best to have a smooth running trial. Good luck to all & let's have fun!
no img National Retriever Champion 
BY LRC Communications - Saturday November 14, 2015
Congratulations Gizmo!!

Congratulations to LRC board member, Bruce Hall and his wife Betty, and their dog
FC AFC Keeno's Gizmo CC, the 2015 National Retriever Champion!

Gizmo with his handler, Al Arthur.
Photo by Mark L. Atwater - UpClose Photo, Donalsonville, GA.

no img LRC Honored at Canine Health Foundation December Event 
BY LRC Directors - Wednesday February 03, 2016
The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. received the 2015 CHF President’s Award recognizing the club’s exceptional contributions for advancing canin...

The AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing, treating, and curing diseases in all dogs will celebrated 20 years of canine health research milestones at the 5thannual Canines & Cocktails event in December at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida. The following was posted on the CHF website:

“The AKC Canine Health Foundation is proud to highlight two decades of innovative research funding, providing dog owners with education and information on canine health,” said Susan Lilly, chief executive officer of CHF. “This event is an opportunity to celebrate the many diverse and successful areas where our donors and investigators have impacted the lives of dogs and their people. Without the support of those who recognize the importance of what we do, these efforts could not continue.”

As part of the evening’s festivities, The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. will receive the 2015 President’s Award recognizing the club’s exceptional contributions for advancing canine health. Since 1997, the Club has contributed over $331,000 to support canine health research.

According to Dr. Diane Brown, CHF chief scientific officer, “The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. truly exemplifies the spirit of giving for the benefit of canine health. Their generosity and dedicated efforts to advance quality health research in partnership with CHF is making a difference for the world’s beloved Labrador Retrievers and all dogs.

no img Working Certificate Test in PA 
BY WC Coordinator - Tuesday July 05, 2016
Working Certificate Test, August 21 near Clinton, Pennsylvania

The Greater Pittsburgh LRC will hold a WC on August 21.  See their website  for more details.
no img Statement on Alleged “Silver Labradors” 
BY The Labrador Retriever Club - Tuesday June 13, 2017
AKC and the Labrador Retriever Club have agreed on this joint position statement on the legitimacy of silver, charcoal, and champagne alleged ...

AKC/LRC Joint Statement on Alleged “Silver Labradors”  

June 13, 2017

 According to the breed standard, established by the Labrador Retriever Club, Inc., there are three acceptable colors of Labrador Retrievers. Those colors are Black (all black), Yellow (fox-red to light cream), and Chocolate (light to dark chocolate). Silver is not an acceptable color of Labrador Retriever and is a disqualifying fault. Based on an agreement in 1987 between the American Kennel Club and the LRC, it was agreed that there was no proof that these silver dogs were not purebred and the breeders of the silver dogs subsequently registered them as chocolates.


Using parentage testing, it cannot conclusively be proven that silver Labradors are not purebred dogs or  are crossed with Weimaraners. The Labrador Retriever breed does not carry the dilute gene dd that appears universally in the Weimaraner and is responsible for silver color.


Responsible breeders are tasked with breeding for health and standard and not solely for aesthetic. While we respect the choice of pet owners to select the breed of their choice, the LRC, Inc. does not view silver Labradors as appropriate breeding stock and believes that they should not be bred. They may compete in AKC events but are disqualified from the conformation show ring.

no img AKC Retriever Hunt Test Judges Seminar 
BY LRC, Inc - Tuesday June 20, 2017
for Judges, Prospective Judges and Handlers Sponsored by the Labrador Retriever Club & the American Kennel Club Saturday, August 26, 2017

for Judges, Prospective Judges and Handlers
Sponsored by the Labrador Retriever Club & the American Kennel Club


Rebel Ridge Farms Pavilion
295 Woods Road, Elkton, MD 21921
Saturday, August 26, 2017
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

This one-day seminar is directed at all participants in Retriever Hunt Tests: Judges & Handlers alike. Judges (and prospective judges) can fulfill their seminar requirement while handlers can gain a better understanding of the sport.

AKC Executive Field Rep Russ Reavis will cover topics including:

Hunt Test Rules & Regulations
How to set up a test
Diagramming dog work and how to score it
The four abilities in which dogs are judged
What judges want to see
How to become a better handler
How to become an AKC Hunt Test judge

Registration is $55.00. Morning coffee & donuts and lunch will be provided.

To register, fill out the form below and mail to:

Helene Huffer,
P.O. Box 5,
Jenkintown PA 19046

Make checks payable to Labrador Retriever Club.

Space is Limited Registration form and check must be received by Monday, August 14th 

(if you cannot open the file, contact Lyn Yelton for a copy,